Wedding dress – completely changed my mind!

So since my last post I have completely changed my mind about the type of wedding dress I will be making.

I decided to go for something more long and sleek. Long means I can wear converse trainers with my dress!

I have gone for Butterick 5779B5779fx

Although I don’t think it will look much like that when it is finished. I am choosing the sleeveless version since our wedding is in July although I might add long draping LOTR-esque sleeves that are open to the shoulder to add more drape and flow since I don’t plan on having a long veil.

I am using the silk lining to make a toile which I will fit and then make the dress the same. I have a lovely yellow lace for the motifs.


The main body of the gown is a lovely white silk satin which falls beautifully and is as light as a feather. I am in the process of cutting out all the pieces although I don’t have a large enough cutting table so I am having to cut on the floor. Anyway, watch this space for more wedding dress updates!


Foray into Cosplay – Queen Amidala headdress

When making clothes I always draw on my passions for fantasy and science fiction, sometimes even creating my own characters like a Neptunian mining manager or a cyberpunk bio-hacker. Now I am going to go one step further and delve into the world of science fiction and fantasy emulation by way of cosplay!

My last cosplay creation was Seven of Nine for Destination Star Trek London last year. I made a silver catsuit and papier mache cortical implants:

7of9-1 7of9-2

Getting to meet some of my Star Trek heroes and getting complements from other fans made this one of the best weekends ever!


Now I am switching franchise and heading off to Star Wars. I am going to make a copy of Queen Amidala’s red invasion outfit, starting with the headdress.

Padmé Amidala's first appearance in Star Wars ...

Padmé Amidala’s first appearance in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No real person has hair long and thick enough to become part of the headdress (and if you read the rest of my blog you know I certainly don’t) so I have ordered a wig for the long pigtail at the back and hair extensions for the coil over the head. I intend to pad out this coil with a length of foam tube from a swimming “noodle” and make the rest in papier mache with embelishment.


This will probably be one of the biggest not purely sewing projects I have ever undertaken and I am raring to get going. I hope to post images and a detailed account of every step as I get to work!

Neat Pleats – Designer Inspiration

In April I was going away and so I treated myself to a copy of Vogue to read on the plane. I love leafing through the glossy pages and the UK April edition had some fantastic editorials. I have read that issue so many times now and every time I read it I get more inspiration! Since April I have bought a couple more issues but they are not so beautiful as that edition.


In the editorial entitled “Plain Song”. They explore soft clean white and neutral lines and I fell in love with this top here by “JW Anderson”.


I had recently purchased some striped yellow and black fabric and I think this could be perfect for making a similarly pleated boob-tube.


I am going to have the stripes lying up and down parallel to the pleats and inside I will face the top with some jersey fabric to add a bit of extra fit. I haven’t quite decided on the type of fastening to use at the back but I will probably go for a few large poppers. The fabric should probably be opaque enough to do a single thickness top (as long as it is worn with a bra that is!) but I will have to see. I will experiment with the width of the pleats but currently I am planning on having two inch pleats every four inches around. I’ll keep you posted!

241 skirt – design stage

It wasn’t safe after dark this side of town. They reached for the Sierpinski knife in their thigh holster, their impulses collided as they rushed down the spinal cord simultaneously.

Martia allowed herself to rest as her sister’s consciousness took over the body, her body.  Pluralism was against the law but her sister had been dying. Sharing wouldn’t even be so bad if they weren’t on the run…..


I always love the idea of contrasting parts of the same garment. Just like Martia’s body is shared between two, this skirt is split into two sides one long and one short. Here is my sketch:

241 skirt sketch

I have cut the pattern pieces and ordered the fabric, I intend to make it out of navy blue and red cotton fabric. I can’t wait to start work!

Bio-hacker top – design stage

In the years following the Plague Wars, most people fear invasive technology, but among the new generation too young to remember, there are those that flaunt their cybernetic symbionts.

Freelance bio-hacker, Xyla, rubs her fingers against the vial in her pocket. She hopes it was worth the credits…


The idea of implants on the skin (much like 7 of 9 has in Star Trek Voyager) gave me the idea to make a top with cut out holes. Here is my sketch:


The gathers around the holes focus the eye onto the exposed skin.

I intend to make this top out of stretch viscose and have already cut the pattern…I’ll keep you posted as the top progresses!


Vortex – N skirt – first steps

Location: colony -N, Neptune, Sol System. Year: 2291.

Working in the hydrogen mines is a hard task but with the blue swirling gases spinning past the windows it is not without its beauty. With pirates and rogues loitering in the dingy bars of the colony the head of mining operations dresses to stand out.

It is with her in mind that I designed the Vortex – N skirt:


The first step is to cut the pattern. I use the drop hole technique outlined in Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi:


I divide the paper block up into sections and cut them out to make the basis for the paper pattern:



The next step is to move onto the fabric …… watch this space!