All Tied Up Dress – Completion

It has been a couple of weeks since I started my “All Tied Up Dress”. I needed to have a big stash clear-out and although a little dress like this doesn’t go far to use up fabric I managed to use some of the fab pieces of fabric I have lying around particularly a great piece of vintage star wars sheets which I used for the back skirt and some of the back ties! At the front I used a red white and blue starry fabric that I bought as a remnant on Etsy a while back (I think maybe this was also from some old sheets). All the bits for which I didn’t have fancy fabrics I filled in with plain pure cotton fabrics that I had lying around (mostly because I always err on the side of caution when buying fabric for shop bought patterns and end up with metres and metres too much).

I didn’t line any of the dress apart from the tie back and front facing to keep it nice and cool for summer and I made it a slightly long mini so it is always easy to wear without tights!

Once I managed to find time to sew, it was quick to make up and I will definitely use the pattern again! The only downside to this dress is it is almost impossible (without acrobat-like flexibility) to reach to tie up all the back yourself!

P1000522-2 P1000521-2 P1000525-2 P1000524


7 thoughts on “All Tied Up Dress – Completion

    • Lol, You remembered, I’m touched!! However, I’m ONE step ahead of you!!! I already popped by your blog when I saw the pic, but thank you so much for letting me know!! Oh my goodness, it is just absolutely adorable!! The little flounce at the front, Star Wars on your butt!! And the ties at the back look like little bow ties, love them!! And, very good point about being able to tie them up, lol. I was wondering from the pics if they were false ties or if you had to tie them. Well, an excuse to go outside half dressed and get a handsome stranger to tie you in to your dress. 🙂

      • Thanks so much! I am so pleased with how it turned out! It always feels good to make something completely from my stash: it is like I am getting something for free! The pattern is an extremely adjusted form of a basic pencil skirt dress pattern (Butterick 5032) but I shortened it and made it one piece at the front and added ties and elastic instead of the zip at the back and lowered the collar and put the front facing on the outside as a little flounce so it is pretty unrecognizable!

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