Bio-hacker top completion

Xyla was alone in her botany lab. The room was cluttered with her plant specimens and the climate control made the air hot and humid. For the past three years she had been working to build a biological computer. Two months ago she succeeded. The only problem… it was growing.

She took the vial from her pocket, it glowed in the UV light from the lamps overhead. She wandered deeper into the lab past creeping tendrils spreading out. Deeper and deeper until her way became blocked by the thick foliage. At the edges of her consciousness she could feel the computer reaching out to her… it shouldn’t be able to do that.


So, now the top is completed:


The fabric I chose was a charcoal grey stretch viscose blend. The holes are gathered so they required a lot of extra fabric. Here is the top inside out before the elastic was put in:


I left the seams to roll themselves so as to not stretch the fabric with overlocking. The pattern made up really quickly and looks better than I could have hoped.

P1000372 P1000373 P1000384 P1000386 P1000388 P1000389

This will soon be up for sale at my etsy shop

2 thoughts on “Bio-hacker top completion

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