Vortex – N skirt – completion

Location: colony – N, Neptune, Sol System, Year: 2291

She had never left earth before this assignment but had been glad for the chance to leave. The contaminated dust storms and floods had made most of earth uninhabitable and the cities were crowded and dank.

Neptune was no picnic though! Long days and endless complaints from the workers. She didn’t normally come down town but tonight she was meeting someone. A ‘business associate’ with plans she believed could revolutionise mining here. She waited …


I began making this skirt here:  https://singularityware.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/vortex-n-skirt-first-steps/

Next it was time to lay all the pattern pieces out and start cutting:


Despite the large number of pieces the symmetry made it easy to put together and in no time at all I had the top layer done!


I lined it in a royal blue polycotton and inserted a red zipper all the way down the back at a statement. I turned the top corners down where the zipper is set in the add a bit of allure!


Here is the finished skirt:


…and the back:



This skirt will soon be available at my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SRHJNE

Already my head is buzzing with ideas for the next project, I’ll keep you posted…


5 thoughts on “Vortex – N skirt – completion

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  2. Very nice colors, along with the heels.
    Btw ever tried them with ankle socks? I think they look nice and original in general, but seems like they would suit your legs.

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